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EVC – An Adventure in Music
Enchanted Valley Carnival - AN ADVENTURE IN MUSIC - is a unique Music Festival. Unique because it has Camping, Adventure activities and an experience of different genres of music like EDM and Live Bands all in one festival.

EVC is a 3 day music festival held at the breath-taking - Aamby Valley City. A first of its kind Music Festival which took place on an Air-Strip with 60+ artists performing in Year 1. EVC13 paid ode to music and various artists in the world of cutting edge electronic dance and world music with genres like House, Techno, Trance, D&B (Drum and Bass), Pop, Fusion, Folk, Rock, Dubstep, Experimental music.

The festival witnessed a crowd of over 25,000 at the Festival across 3 days with a sold out Campsite of over 1000 people every day at Aamby Valley City, India.

The 4 stages showcased some of the most extra-ordinary celestial Djs/Producers and Live acts who are making the world dance to their tunes, currently. Moreover, the event brought together some of the most electrifying international performers that remain untouched, as well as cover the vast spectrum of dance music with the presence of our Indian talent on the line-up. The concept was to promote music and the innovators who play them in our own horizon.

With our first successful year we took a step forward to initiate this experience found on a global scale, now brought closer to home.

Not Just Music!

EVC has a lot more besides good music -
Adventure / Water Sports In addition to all the music mayhem, we added fire-power for the brave at heart with a selection of outdoor activities one can sink their teeth into. The merriment included Hot Air Ballooning, Adventure Sports, Water sports and a lot more to select from like Speed Boats/Jet skis, Kayaks, Pirate Ship, Tribal Boats, Pontoon Boats, Floating Volleyball/Basketball, Zorbing, Rock Climbing, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Rappelling, 4x4 Jungle Safari, Zipline and lots more.

Flea Market A chance to meet droves of vendors selling a plethora of never seen before artifacts making it the perfect destination for flea market lovers, while allowing visitors the opportunity to mingle and shop at the same time. Flea markets are like treasure hunts, rich with excitement, intrigue, and maybe a little bit of mystery.

Enchanted Village at EVC
After a night of insane music and fun, there's nothing like warming up next to a campfire on a chilly December night, Nothing like snuggling in your sleeping bag under the glowing stars, Nothing like the hint of burnt charcoal and wood in the air (what with all the bonfires/barbeques and all), And definitely nothing like feeling the magic of solitude in the midst of a buzzing community!

Introduced all this & more at our fascinating campsite 'ENCHANTED VILLAGE' - camping, bonfires, barbeques, sufficient sanitation and hygiene facilities, exclusive food stalls, fun activities and a list that doesn't quite seem to end!

(1) About Twisted Entertainment
Twisted Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.: We are a fast growing Entertainment Enterprise in India. Our core initiative is to specialize in setting up & producing large format events, primarily in the Music vertical. The Company would conceive, build & implement Intellectual Properties in the Entertainment & Special Events space.

This Company is poised to integrate all the necessary expertise required to execute & deliver unique entertainment experiences.

The Team has a varied experience of producing & managing similar projects, and in the past have produced large format Events, Live Concerts & Mega Productions.

Our first venture was a crackling and energetic property- 'Enchanted Valley Carnival' a unique Experiential Music Festival which was held on 6, 7, 8 December 2013 at Aamby Valley City, Festival Arena. Plan was to experience Music & Adventure in a unique blend.

We paid ode to music and various artists in the world of cutting edge electronic dance and world music.

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