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  1. What are the different ticketing options available?
    A. The different ticketing options for 2017 edition of EVC are as follows:
    - GA – 02 Day ADULT Access (Sat, Sun)
    - VIP – 02 Day ADULT Access (Sat, Sun)
    - GA – 01 Day ADULT Access (Sat, 16-Dec)
    - GA – 01 Day ADULT Access (Sun, 17-Dec)
    - VIP – 01 Day ADULT Access (Sat, 16-Dec)
    - VIP – 01 Day ADULT Access (Sun, 17-Dec)
  2. What does the GA Ticket include?
     A. General Admission Ticket includes entry to the festival arena for both days of the festival.
  3. I have a GA Ticket for the festival, do I need to be there on the first day itself?
    A. No, you can enter at any time as long as you have a valid ticket.
  4. What are the inclusions of a VIP Ticket?
    A. VIP Ticket has a number of exciting inclusions like:
    a) Entry to the festival arena for both the days
    b) Access to the EVC’s VIP Lounge
    c) Entry to the festival's after parties for both days
    d) Separate line for entry at the Box Office
  5. I want to attend the festival only on one day, do you have one day or two day tickets?
    A. Yes, we are selling one day tickets in two categories - GA & VIP. Plz visit the our website to purchase these tickets – www.evc.co.in
  6. Does a 02 day festival ticket guarantee camping space?
    A. No, the 02 day festival ticket doesn’t give you access to camping space at the Enchanted Village. Camping space is limited and sold separately on a first come first serve basis.
  7. Do you have any corporate discounts or packages?
    A. You can email us your requirements at info@evc.co.in.
  8. I have bought a GA Ticket, can I upgrade it to the VIP Ticket?
    A. No. We are not offering upgrades for GA Tickets this year.
  9. I have used someone else’s credit/debit card to book the ticket, what proof do I need?
    A. We will require the physical credit card to be produced at the venue, which was used at the time of booking. If this is not possible, a self-attested photocopy of the card will be required.
  10. What other documentation will I require at the time of entry at the EVC venue?
    A. Ticket holders must carry a valid original photo ID proof such as Driving License, Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Passport when attending the festival. Further, the Organizers reserve the Rights of Admission even to valid Enchanted Valley Carnival ticket holders.
  11. Can I cancel my ticket? Will I get a refund?
    A. Tickets, once purchased, cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable.
  12. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
    A. Tickets are transferable. Please write to us informing us of such transfers to info@evc.co.in. Unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of a Ticket will lead to confiscation or cancellation of that Ticket without any refund or other compensation.
  13. Are there any F&B inclusions in any of the 2 day tickets?
    A. No.
  14. I am a property owner of Aamby Valley City, will I get access anywhere in the city?
    A. Yes, Owners will have access in the city as per the existing rules of Aamby Valley City. However, this does not allow access to the Festival Arena. A GA or VIP ticket would be required for the same.
  15. I am a property owner of Aamby Valley City, will I get access to the After Parties?
    A. You need to have a valid VIP ticket to get access to the After Parties.
  16. What is the age limit for drinking?
    A. The age limit for drinking is – 21 years and above for beer & wine and 25 years and above for hard alcohol. Age proof will be required and it is mandatory to provide the same whenever requested.
  17. Can I pre-purchase F&B coupons?
    A. No, Beverage coupons are will not be available for pre-purchase. You can buy the same at the festival box office or inside the festival venue.
  18. How do we get entry tickets for the After Parties?
    A. Limited Tickets for the After Parties will be available online. Purchasing the VIP ticket includes entry to the After Parties too.
  19. Is there a bus or something to take us from Lonavala?
    A. We may offer Shuttle Services again this year. For updates on that, please keep tuned into our EVC Website (www.evc.co.in) & EVC’s official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/enchantedvalleycarnival) or follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/EVCIndia).
    However, EVC/the organizer will not be responsible for any other external and/or internal travel arrangements.
  20. Is there a charge for parking?
    A. Yes, there is a charge for parking. There will be ample parking space available at the venue. Parking tickets can be purchased at the festival venue.
  21. Any other terms and conditions that I must be aware of with respect to the event in general?
    A. By attending Enchanted Valley Carnival, you (as an attendee) fully understands his/her responsibility towards fellow attendees and agrees to abide by the Indian Penal Code. An EVC ticketholder voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incidental to the event whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual event, including any death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability.
  22. I have additional questions which are not listed here, whom can I contact?
    A. For any further information or queries, please write to us at info@evc.co.in.
  23. What is the Enchanted Village?
    A. Enchanted Village is our fun-filled & relaxing campsite, where different camping options are available for stay during the festival days.
  24. Where is the Enchanted Village located?
    A. The Enchanted Village is conveniently located near the Festival Arena.
  25. Q25. What are the different camping options available?
    A. The different camping options are as follows:
    Regular 2-Man Tent (Max Capacity - 2)
    Regular 3-Man Tent (Max Capacity - 3)
    Regular 4-Man Tent (Max Capacity - 4)
    Comfort 2-Man Tent (Max Capacity - 2)
    BYOT - Bring Your Own Tent (Max Capacity - Flexible)

    Note:Each person must pay a per night rate for space. Tents must be of standard sizes. The number of people living in the tents you bring is up to you. Below are the minimum capacity requirements for BYOT & the sizes:
    Minimum Capacity for 2-Man Tent - 1 PAX - Standard size: 9.7' x 5.1' x 3.6'
    Minimum Capacity for 3-Man Tent - 2 PAX - Standard size: 10.4' x 6.9' x 3.9'
    Minimum Capacity for 4-Man Tent - 2 PAX - Standard size: 11.7' x 7.9'
    Minimum Capacity for 6-Man Tent - 4 PAX - Standard tent size
    Minimum Capacity for 8-Man Tent - 6 PAX - Standard tent size
  26. I have a VIP Ticket for the festival, will I avail any special benefits at Enchanted Village?
    A. No, VIP Ticket grants privileges at the Music Arena only.
  27. Can I get my own camp/tents along?
    A. Yes. There will be a section at the Enchanted Village - BYOT! Bring Your Own Tents, where space shall be available for putting up your own tents. There will be a charge associated with it. You can go through our camping options sold under BYOT.
  28. If I get my own tents will I be provided with sleeping bags/ mats etc.?
    A. These will be available for purchase/rent at the venue.
    For more information, keep tuned into our EVC Website (www.evc.co.in) & EVC’s official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/enchantedvalleycarnival) or follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/EVCIndia).
  29. What all is included in the Camping?
    A. Camping price includes stay for the said no. of nights in a tent, mats, sleeping bags & a hygiene kit.
  30. What are the bathing facilities at the campsite?
    A. There will be numerous shower stalls set up at the campsite. These will be serviced regularly. There will be enough shower stalls set up in order to minimize any waiting time during peak hours.
  31. What are the sanitation facilities at the campsite?
    A. We will have separate bathrooms for men and women set up at numerous points. There will also be wash basins and changing rooms set up. Once again, all these facilities will be serviced regularly.
  32. What are the food facilities available at the campsite?
    A. We will have a number of food stalls set up.
    For more information, keep tuned into our EVC Website (www.evc.co.in) & EVC’s official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/enchantedvalleycarnival) or follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/EVCIndia).
  33. Does camping include breakfast?
    A. No, camping does not include any meals.
  34. What are the check-in/check-out timings?
    A. The check in time is 2pm on any given day. Campers can check in a day prior to the festival i.e. Friday, 15th December 2017. The check-out time is 11am till Monday, 18th December 2017. Significant delays in checking out will lead to half day charges for the concerned tent.
  35. I want to check out later than the scheduled time. Can I do that?
    A. If you check out after 12pm and before 4pm, you will incur half day charges. If you check out after 4pm, full day charges will be applicable for the entire tent.
  36. How far is the parking space from the campsite?
    A. The parking site is conveniently located at a walking distance from the campsite.
  37. Can I get my own food at the campsite?
    A. No outside food or beverages are allowed at the campsite. Medical items need to be accompanied with a valid medical prescription.
  38. What items are available for purchase at the campsite?
    A. There will be numerous items available for purchase at the campsite. For more information, keep tuned into our EVC Website (www.evc.co.in) & EVC’s official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/enchantedvalleycarnival) or follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/EVCIndia).
  39. Can I carry alcohol at the campsite?
    A. No, outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. We will be selling alcohol at reasonable rates. You may be denied entry if you are carrying alcohol or are clearly under the heavy influence of alcohol during entry.
  40. Will there be ATMs at the campsite?
    A. For more information, keep tuned into our EVC Website (www.evc.co.in) & EVC’s official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/enchantedvalleycarnival) or follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/EVCIndia).
  41. We only want to camp for one night, is that possible?
    A. No, camping stays are available to purchase for minimum 2 nights.
  42. I have booked camping, does this offer access to the festival arena?
    A. No, you need to purchase the festival tickets separately.
  43. Will we have charging points in our tents?
    A. There will be charging stations at Enchanted Village and the Festival arena, however not in individual tents.
  44. Is there a secure zone for our valuables/money/etc.?
    A. Yes, there will be security tents with lockers for you to deposit your valuables.
  45. What first aid facilities do you have?
    A. Yes, there will be First aid rooms at Enchanted Village.
  46. What if we need extra blankets/pillows/etc.?
    A. Extra blankets/pillows etc. will be available for purchase/ rent at Enchanted Village.
  47. Will there be shops selling daily necessities like soap, toothpastes, etc.?
    A. Yes, we will have shops selling these items at Enchanted Village.
  48. Will there be a lot of insects/bugs at the campsite?
    A. While we will be taking every precaution to minimize the number of the same, camping in the midst of nature does involve some exposure to them. Insect and mosquito repellent sprays and ointments like Odomos will be available for purchase at the campsite.
  49. Is the campsite safe?
    A. Yes, the entire campsite will be barricaded and secured. We will have security patrolling the area. Adequate security will be provided within the campsite as well.